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WACAP's vision is A Family for Every Child. WACAP is a leading adoption and humanitarian aid agency. Since 1976, we’ve placed over 10,000 children with loving adoptive parents and provided food, medical care and education to more than 200,000 children worldwide. WACAP is one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption and child assistance agencies in the United States.

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Madison Adoption Associates

Madison Adoption Associates is a Hague-accredited, non-profit agency that works with families throughout the USA. Our primary focus is placing children from China; we also have programs in the Philippines and Bulgaria. Madison Adoption Associates is able to provide home study services to families living in Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Please visit our website to learn more about the mission and work of Madison Adoption Associates

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Hopscotch Adoptions

Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. is actively seeking families for children in need of a permanent family from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Morocco, Serbia and Ukraine. Hopscotch We assist in the placement of children into nurturing, prepared and stable families from these countries. Hopscotch can assist any family in the US and abroad, US citizens and non-US citizens, if the country of residence so permits. Contact us today to begin your adoption journey!

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Pure Charity

Pure Charity Builds World Class Technology Solutions for Individual Fundraising, Community Advocacy and Nonprofit Organizations. We know adoption fundraising is not easy, so we created some simple tools that have helped hundreds of families raise money for their adoption costs. There is no more paperwork to fill out, no application to complete, and no waiting period. Get started right today!

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Bills Tax Service

Bills Tax Service of Centralia LLC is a locally owned and operated professional tax accounting business owned by Alan and Jaime Newcomb. We have specialized in professional tax preparation, planning and representation, accounting services, and payroll services since 1977. Alan and Jaime have been foster parents for years and have since adopted two children. This is more than just about business for us! In 2011, we began to see a desperate need for adoptive parents to be informed of the Child Adoption Tax Credit. We can help you wade through the tax documents needed to claim the Adoption Tax Credit.

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Children's House International

Children's House International has been serving children through international adoption since 1975.We specialize in the placement of children with medical needs, and preparing adoptive families through up-to-date parent education, working tirelessly with families throughout the adoption process and offering post-adoption services once children are home in their forever families.

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Agape Adoptions

Agape Adoptions is licensed in both Oregon and Washington State and can provide home study and placement services in both states. Agape Adoptions is happy to advocate for China Waiting Kids! We have a great program and are able to match families with kids from the Shared List within 1-3 months from dossier completion. We will work closely with families during the home study and dossier process to insure an efficient paperwork processing. Families can complete an adoption from China in about 12-18 months, if you are open to a special needs child.

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Wasatch Adoptions

Wasatch Adoptions’ motto, A Child's Way Home, reflects our desire to find adoptive homes for children living around the world.
We specialize in both domestic and international adoption programs and child assistance programs. We have helped place thousands of children with families across the United States and with U.S. families living abroad. There is no end to the children who are waiting for a home.

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Adoption Airfare

We are a Christian missionary and Adoption travel agency, specializing in discounted airfare for international missions and adoption travel. Our team of agents work to provide personalized service to our missionaries and adopting families, holding their hand through each step of their international missions and Adoption travel. We are honored to serve each family that God sends to us.

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America's Christian Credit Union

Our mission is "To Reach, Serve and Teach," and we can't imagine a greater way to live that mission than to extend the Christian family. and we can't imagine a greater way to live that mission than to extend the Christian family. We've designed several affordable solutions for families wanting to adopt and are ready to serve you. Other financial institutions may not understand your unique situation, but at America's Christian CU, we believe every child deserves a forever family.

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Creating A Family

Creating a Family is the national adoption & fertility education organization. Our mission is to provide support and unbiased information before, during and after adoption or fertility treatment to help create strong families. Check out or Five Core Values that we use to guide every decision. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and you can check out our financials and IRS Form 990 at GuideStar.

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Dillon International, Inc.

Every family has unique needs. So does every child we serve. At Dillon, we are committed to a lifetime of services, from pre-adoption education to helping you through the transition period of welcoming a new child into your home. After the adoption, we are committed to helping you with counseling, heritage camps for teens, birthland tours and birth-family searches.

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A Child Waits Foundation

A Child Waits Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation formed in 1998. Our purpose is: To increase the number of children who are adopted by making available low interest loans to eligible families to help with some of the cost of adoption. By making low-interest loans to prospective parents, A Child Waits Foundation is able to help change a child's future from one without hope and to help fulfill a dream for many families. Currently the Foundation employs very few staff, therefore expenses are low and a large portion of the Foundation's funds goes directly to prospective parents to help save children from a parentless life.

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A Gift of Hope Adoptions

A Gift of Hope Adoptions is a licensed Missouri adoption agency based in Columbia, Missouri. We service the entire state of Missouri, and can also assist those not located in Missouri. A Gift of Hope Adoptions offers the highest quality services available in adoption today. We always strive to keep our staff educated on trends and studies related to adoption issues, and work with all of our clients to find the best possible solution to an always difficult decision.

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Bonfire Funds

Bonfire Funds is a T-shirt website that anyone can use to design and sell online.

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