Open Call for Volunteers

This is the first time that I have made an open call for volunteers, but WE NEED SOME VOLUNTEERS in the worst way!  Resources4adoption is growing faster than I can keep up with!  The needs of adoptive families desperately seeking help continues to grow daily.  Basically their needs far outweigh our funds or capacity to help. 

I am not able to help everyone because I have too many other things to do.  I would rather spend my time focusing on what I know best…adoption funding topics.

Instead, I find myself continually “chasing my tail”, fundraising, marketing, researching, etc.  I KNOW I can be way more effective and efficient if I had some help.  Part of what has driven my passion so far has been these two key beliefs:

1.  I wish I would have had this when I adopted.

2.  There has got to be a better way!

So here it is….Because there HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY…this is an open call for volunteers to help Resources4adoption in the following areas:

1.  Interns needing hours or Research Assistance

2. Video Production (I am especially interested in someone who might be able to do some animated stuff…not cartoon, but just illustration of a word picture idea I have.)

3.  Attorney specializing in Non-Profits and the filing of the 501 (c)(3) paperwork.  This is proving to be a gargantuan task and we need to get it done ASAP!

4.  CPA specializing in helping Non-Profits with IRS filing and compliance for the 501 (c)(3) stuff.

5.  Marketing experts – I need help spreading the word about Resources4adoption and how we can truly help adoptive families. 

6.  Fundraising experts – I need help to launch a major fundraising campaign so we can generate an annual operating budget. 

7.  Business sponsors or partners – If you have a successful business and would like to help further the cause of adoption, please consider partnering with Resources4adoption….financial sponsorship would be great; but that’s not the only way…you might be able to contribute products or services that we could use for fundraisers or other in-kind services which could help us spread a message of hope.

If you are an adoptive family in process, this message is not for you (unless you are in the waiting phase and looking for something to help pass the time).  However, I KNOW we have many, many friends and fans out there that might be able to share a little bit of their knowledge and expertise to help us get a little further down the road. 

In an effort to help reduce the amount of SPAM I receive, I won’t list my email address here.  Instead please contact me through the website

Thank you so much for your time, consideration and PRAYERS. 

Cherri – Founder and Director of Resources4adoption, Inc.

PS.  If you are a praying person, PLEASE PRAY FOR US.  We are at such a critical growth stage right now.  It is very exciting, but very nerve racking for me.  This is “my baby” and I sense that we are on the eve of a breakthrough which will allow us to reach hundreds if not thousands more families with the hope and help we provide…still it is very stressful….(kind of like a toddler taking his or her first steps in a room full of coffee tables and all manner of obstacles!)

Most days I feel very overwhelmed, yet I know God is FAITHFUL.  He WILL supply all of our needs…and I guess if He does not supply it…then we must not have needed it after all.  J

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Change the life of one orphan through The 10,000 Steps 'til Home Project!

Change the life of one orphan through The 10,000 Steps 'til Home Project!

The Problem:

1. Orphans are at extremely high risk for falling victim to human trafficking, slave trade, child labor, crime, gangs, drugs, name is NOT a pretty picture.

2. Current numbers suggest that 90% of orphans who age out of orphanages (some as early as age 14) or even foster care (age 18 in the USA) are facing this bleak and reprehensible future. 

The Solution:The 10,000 Steps ‘til Home Project. 

1.      You Can Help one orphan take one step closer to home by supporting the work of Resources4adoption. 

2.      Resources4adoption provides families vital encouragement, tools, resources and support…right at their finger tips.   Without this resource, many families face catastrophic discouragement…this discouragement leads to failure which is unacceptable!

3.      For every step we take to encourage, support and educate prospective adoptive families, they will take one more step towards their child…one step closer to the day when they will hold their child in their arms forever!

Here is how The 10,000 Steps ‘til Home Project works.

1.      Imagine with me it takes 10,000 “steps” for each orphan to reach their forever family and loving home. 

2.      Each “step” represents $25. 

3.      For every $25 you give, one orphan makes it one step closer to home.

4.      You can help one orphan take many steps or part of step, it’s up to you.  Either way, you are helping one orphan make it that much closer to home!

You can donate through the website here. (Online giving: a 3% transaction fee will be deducted by PayPal from your gift.)                                                                                                                                                                   

You can also mail gifts to Resources4adoption, Inc. PO Box 519, Eudora, KS  66025. 

Three ways you can help:

1. Give – Gifts of any amount will make a differenceRemember each $25 gift represents “one step”. 

2.  Share – Share The 10,000 Steps ‘til Home Project with at least 10 friends, family members, associates, or through your social media connections. Encourage them to make one “step” possible for one orphan. 

3.  Pray – Pray that the Lord will bless The 10,000 Steps ‘til Home Project and that He will be glorified in all we do. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can make a lifetime of change for one child… “one step” at a time.

Want to see how your gift makes a difference?  Read testimonies from real families here or visit

 Cherri Walrod ~ Founder and Executive Director

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Well, it's been almost two full months, and we've finally managed to get our blog up and running again!

Expect Cherri to begin posting tips, information, and recent updates in the adoption world soon.

If you'd like to see our older blog posts (from back when we had the old website,) you can check them out here.

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