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The Adoption Tax Credit has been made permanent! There are a few new interesting details about the tax credit, however.

  • The Adoption Tax Credit allows families to reduce their tax liability (i.e., the amount you owe in taxes), over a total of six years: the original year of the adoption, and the following five years, if a family do not use the entirety of the credit in the first tax year.
  • The credit amount which is available to families will depend on a number of factors, primarily the amount of their "qualified" adoption expenses and a family's individual income.
  • The adoption tax credit has a current maximum of $12,970 per child in 2013. For families making over $194,580 in modified adjusted gross income, that amount will begin to phase out.
  • The Adoption Tax Credit is, at this time, no longer refundable. This means that you cannot get more money "back" than you owe into the tax system in the first place. The tax credit was refundable only in 2010 and 2011.


Adoption Tax Credit Webinar
On March 13, we had a a free webinar with Becky Wilmoth from our friends at Bills Tax Service, providing an in-depth discussion of the Adoption Tax Credit. To learn more about the current Adoption Tax Credit, you can download and watch the recorded webinar here (58:36) (62.2 MB).
Mac Users: Please note that you will need a media player program capable of playing .wmv files, such as VLC Media Player.

For more information, see the FAQ page from Save the Adoption Tax Credit and our sponsor Bills Tax Service of Centralia's Facebook Page.

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