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"With what you provided me, I could handle paying for access to it.  You saved me on this one.  If it wasn’t for your listing I would not have been able to identify all that you did on my own.  I’ve received two grants so far.  This is huge in the adoption world as you well know." Denise H. ~ Adoptive Parent

Check out the Adoption Finance Toolkit, including the the all-new Searchable Database, from, the ONE trusted source for the most up-to-date information on adoption financing. Quickly find what you need to help fund your adoption by searching our comprehensive database of Adoption Funding resources, tailored to suit YOUR needs!

Our Adoption Finance Toolkit includes great Adoptive Family Budgeting Tools, such as Budget Forms and Planning Phase Charts, and Universal Grant and Loan Forms to keep your records in order and make applying for financial assistance a breeze!

Our Database contains a detailed listing of over 70 individual adoption grants and loans. These listings include complete contact information, as well as the most common application eligibility criteria. regularly researches to find new adoption grant and loan sources, monitors existing ones and shares this up-to-the-minute information with you.

What information is listed in the database?

  • Grant or Loan Organization Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Grant or Loan Criteria Requirements:
    • Religious – Christian, Catholic, LDS, none, etc.
    • Marital Status – Married, Single, etc
    • Income Cap – Some grant organizations only allow applicants with incomes up to a certain level to apply.
    • Home Study Approved – Most, but not all, require family to have completed home study.
    • Type of Agency Requirement – Many, but not all, require adoptive family with Licensed or Non-profit agency.  Very few allow for domestic private adoptions. 
    • Agency Specific – Grants/loans associated with specific agencies.
    • State Specific – Grants/loans associated with specific states or regions of the country.
    • Date Due – Quarterly, semi-annual, annual, ongoing.
    • How to Apply for Grant – pre-qualifications required, call, email, mail or download from website.
    • Application Fee – No fee, $15, $25, $40, etc.
    • Other Application Criteria – Some grants/loans are designed for specific special needs, other special needs such as older/hard to place children, sibling groups, ethnic groups, etc.
    • Any Recent Updates   if the program is on hold, when they will be taking applications again, etc

The Searchable Database also includes a detailed look at grant and loan providers' special credentials, including awards received and membership in significant groups such as the National Council for Adoption.

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