Learn how to begin and carry out your Adoption Vision, and overcome financial barriers with Adoption Finance University, a complete on-demand web course designed with you in mind!

Adoption Finance University is divided into five learning modules, based on Cherri's years of experience filling out adoption grant and loan applications, coaching and phone consultations. Each module will include three to five classes aligned with an individual family’s phase in the adoption process.

Also, check out the Adoption Grant Writing eCourse-- this one-session course is the first step in our development of the next few modules of Adoption Finance University.

  • Module 100
  • Grant Writing
  • Module 200
  • Module 300
  • Module 400
  • Module 500

Adoption Financing 100

This module is designed with newcomers to adoption in mind. If you are just beginning or preparing to begin your adoption process, this is the class for you! We discuss what research you will need to do, what decisions you will need to make early, and how those decisions will affect your adoption. We deal with all the basics, from the different types of adoption and special needs considerations to preparing your adoption budget and learning how to fundraise effectively within your community.

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Adoption Grant Writing

This 55-minute adoption grant writing session is designed with your questions in mind. This class is the first step in our development of future AFU modules. It outlines the adoption grant process, and answers your important questions and the guidance you need for success: How do I determine if it is even worth my time to apply?  How do I write my family story?  Do my income and assets matter? How can I protect my child’s privacy while still conveying there need? How do I get organized?  And so much more!

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Adoption Financing 200 (COMING SOON!)

This module will be designed for families who are ready to begin the adoption process.  We will drill down further into the adoption financing options so you can have a greater understanding the categories for adoption funding and where each one will come into play during the various phases of your adoption process.  We will show you how to utilize your own personal resources and savings in safe and creative ways.  We will address fundraisers in this module as well.

Adoption Financing 300 (COMING SOON!)

This module will be designed for families who are already in process.  Families just getting ready to begin the process are also encouraged to take this study course as well. This module will guide you as you develop a realistic and workable plan to finance your adoption. We will show you models and formulas of other successful plans. We will also help you to prepare the ground work and figure out the logistics so that your family will be ready when it is time to implement your plan.


Adoption Financing 400 - Adoption Grant Writing eCourse now available!

This module will be designed for families who are well into the adoption process.  This module will drill down into all the details of adoption grant and loans.  We will go into great detail and walk you step-by-step through the adoption loan and grant application process.  We help you sort through the maze of grant options and guide you to reputable sources which are best matched with your family's needs.  You will also learn key components of how to effectively communicate your story and funding needs to the grant and loan organizations. 

Adoption Grant Writing eCourse Now Available!



Answers Your Questions:


· Which adoption grants should I apply for?

· What types of adoption grants are available?

· How do I determine if it is even worth my time to apply?

· Does my income and/or assets matter?

· How do I get organized?

· How do I write my family story?

· What kind of information are grant organizations looking for?

· How do I know if a grant organization is legit?

· How  can I protect my adopted child’s privacy but still convey their need?

· Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?

· Am I allowed to apply for grants and loans at the same time?


Adoption Financing 500 (COMING SOON!)

This modules will be designed for families who are toward the end of the adoption process or have brought their child home. We will uncover creative ways to cover the final costs of adoption such as finalization costs, post-placement fees, etc. We will also help guide you on the best ways to utilize the Adoption Tax Credits, Employer Adoption Benefits or Military Benefits. We will also share information about other post-adoption financial resources that may be available to your family.

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