Our Mission & Vision

Here at Resources4Adoption.com, our mission is simple:

To provide the very latest in Adoption Financing Education, Information, and Resources.


Through our Adoption Finance Education, we are committed to providing you with:

  1. Hope – Hope that paying for adoption is within reach. Resources4adoption.com provides this hope by sharing our experiences with empathy, compassion and genuine concern for your success.
  2. Vision – You need to see success, and visualize your own. Resources4adoption.com has tools and programs which share the vision of how others have developed and followed a successful financial plan for adoption, and teach you to do the same.
  3. Plan – Resources4adoption.com helps numerous families like yours develop solid financial plans. Regardless of the phase of the adoption process, we have proven formulas and effective strategies for your success.
  4. Guidance – Giving your family links to resources is not enough; you need care, support and guidance. Resources4adoption.com offers personalized services which support you and walk you step-by-step through the adoption financing process from beginning to the end and beyond.

By working together, we can help more children find their way into the loving arms of their forever families!

Giving Back

One of Cherri’s primary goals when establishing Resources4adoption was the vision to give back. Cherri has committed to give back a portion of income to non-profit organizations. Specifically, Resources4adoption will donate back to reputable adoption grant and loan programs. This will ultimately make more funds available to adoptive families.

A longer range goal is to establish a charitable arm of Resources4adoption. We would like to establish an After Care Fund. The vision for the After Care Fund is to be some sort of financial assistance for families who are struggling financially AFTER their adoption is finalized. The aim is to help provide either scholarships or grants to families who are financially falling between the cracks or have gaps in what their insurances will or won’t cover for medical care and therapy once their child is home. We hear from hurting families all the time in these types of situations and it is heart-breaking. There currently does not seem to be much in the way of this type of financial assistance for families. Therefore, one of our goals is to help fix it!


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